About us

We at Chromosome VI are committed to taking you on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment by engaging you with informative and curated content geared towards creating a ‘Unique Me!’. We believe that children and young adults from all walks of life will benefit by the scientific methods of thinking and problem-solving

Chromosome 6  is 1 among 23 human chromosome pairs and is home to the Major Histocompatibility Complex, which contains over 100 genes related to the immune response. It is what makes each of us unique, even though we are all humans, as evident by the occasional rejection of organ transplants. Hence, Chromosome VI endeavours to connect us at the human level while nurturing the uniqueness in each of us to better prepare us for the challenges of the 21st century.

Here you will be able to get a spectrum of curated content whether you are a high schooler, undergrad, post-grad, or parent.  Chromosome VI will soon become your favourite stop for bite-sized information and inspiration to help you navigate personal goals, professional endeavours, and global crises using the scientific method of problem-solving

Meet Our Team

Greetings, I am Ashrifa Ali (PhD), a biomedical researcher at the University of Texas at Austin, delving into the intricacies of ocular health and retinal regeneration. Beyond the lab, my passion extends to inspiring young minds – advocating the introduction of scientific methodology to children as young as four, nurturing analytical skills that transcend disciplines. My commitment to education materialises through collaborations with budding STEM scholars and ambitious high school students, providing insightful academic and career consultations, guiding them on a path toward achieving their scientific ambitions.As a science communicator, I simplify complex concepts for diverse audiences, armed with a whiteboard and an unwavering dedication to fostering scientific appreciation. While research fuels my days, my culinary explorations fuel my downtime. Sharing experimental delights with friends brings me joy, just as delving into literature broadens my horizons. In this intersection of inquiry and inspiration, I am more than a researcher – I am a conduit for curiosity, championing innovation. Join me as we unravel science's mysteries and ignite the flames of discovery.

Hallo, ich bin Gajanan !

I’m a microbiology researcher and dedicated philomath, driven to unravel the potential of big data in my field. With a background in food microbiology and recent forays into bioinformatic-driven dry lab experiments, my journey is one of relentless curiosity and learning. Currently pursuing an MSc in Infection Biology as part of my academic journey at Universität zu Lübeck, Germany, my academic foundation was laid at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland, with a BSc (Hons) in Microbiology & Biotechnology.
Beyond academia, my diverse passions encompass hiking, strategic chess play, scientific illustration, design, and delving into marketing and branding. While immersing myself in various programming languages, I’m embracing the realm of coding. As I explore the juncture of data, microbes, and innovation, I invite you to join me in this captivating odyssey. Together, we can unveil the wonders of science and knowledge, and I eagerly anticipate the horizons we’ll explore.


Hello! I’m Esther,

currently embracing an exhilarating transition phase – a time of passion-driven projects and a deep academic dive, unconstrained by conventional career pathways. I am pursuing an MBA in hospital and healthcare services management at the University of Bedfordshire, UK, I also engage young minds as a Science & STEM facilitator at Steiner College, Sri Lanka. With a BSc in Microbiology & Biotechnology from Edinburgh Napier University, UK, and roles as an Editorial Assistant at 7cups, USA, and a Science journalist at Benzyme Ventures, Sri Lanka, I’m a connoisseur of diverse experiences.The corridors of my curiosity lead to the realm of interdisciplinary marvels. Whether it’s delving into Microbial/Molecular archaeology, deciphering Behavioural genetics, exploring Molecular Ethology, or envisioning Space biotechnology, I revel in the confluence of diverse knowledge. Amidst this journey, I’m a symphony of interests – a musician serenading at church with my voice and piano, a self-taught graphic artist painting life’s hues during COVID’s solitude. And oh, my heart dances for animals, for their existence is a testament to life’s beauty. As I waltz through this mosaic of passions, academia, and artistry, I invite you to join me. Let’s traverse this tapestry of pursuits, igniting inspiration, fostering thoughtfulness, and embracing the symphony of life’s boundless possibilities.


Hi! I’m Sameeha

and I’m currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Biotechnology and Microbiology from the University of Edinburgh in Sri Lanka. I also manage content creation for Chromosome 6! When I’m not trying to get bacterial cultures to grow, I enjoy illustrating food and finding inspiration for my next piece of work by scrolling endlessly through Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, and the works! In my school days I was always caught doodling in my books, notes and even the back of a few of my exam papers which once got me into trouble ….but also got me here!  As a visual learner, I find it difficult understanding concepts if it is not ‘drawn out for me’ so I feel strongly about communicating science in an easy manner which Chromosome 6 stands for! My other hobbies include cooking and taking walks on the beach 🙂



Hi! I am Maljini.

Hi! I’m Maljini, an enthusiastic medical professional driven by an unyielding passion for creating impactful change. With an MD from Uzhhorod National University (Ukraine) and a BSc. Hons from the University of Exeter (UK), I’m committed to forging a brighter future through evidence-based healthcare and scientific advocacy. My journey is more than academic milestones. Currently a Public Relations Officer at Third Eye Lanka (Sri Lanka), I blend medical expertise with communication prowess to champion purpose-driven endeavours. Fortified with sporting triumphs and dynamic leadership roles, I thrive on pushing boundaries. As a Scientific Content Writer for C6, I collaborate with kindred spirits, igniting intellectual curiosity, fostering public awareness, and bridging the gap between knowledge and understanding.

Yet, life isn’t only about breakthroughs; it’s also about savouring ordinary moments that enrich life. Chasing sunsets in distant lands or embracing my island soul on sandy shores with my favourite people; gives my life beauty and serenity. As a wanderer of the world and a bearer of diverse cultural experiences, I embrace the uncharted and nurture connections that unite us in the tapestry of life. Join our thrilling journey where we
navigate scientific seas, awaken minds, and unveil the marvels of our awe-inspiring universe.


Hello! My name is Vindya,

a graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing an advanced degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. My curiosity in finding solutions to unanswered questions in science and unravelling the mysteries of biology has landed me here in the field of molecular research. I enjoy learning new techniques and keeping up with the fast-developing scientific technology. Outside of science, my passion lies in the rhythmic melodies and sweet sounds of music. From moments of joy to sorrow, music has been my companion in all chapters of my life. Just like the beat of a drum, strum of a guitar and notes of the piano add colour and meaning to a string of words, scientists add meaning to their work by conducting experiments, proving hypotheses, and finding their way towards groundbreaking discoveries. Much like music, I believe in the boundless power of science to unite people from all corners of the world. It is only then we can lift each other up by understanding and learning the basics and complexities of biology to share insight, provoke meaningful conversations and inspire others to explore new frontiers of knowledge. So let us be a part of your symphony to help you thrive and achieve greatness and advance in your scientific career.